A Better India By Imparting Education For Slum Children

India is a developing country. The main factor that has made India a developing country is its poor educational field leading to illiteracy and subsequently poverty. These are the two main problems India is facing at the moment. More than 80% of the population in India depends on agriculture and out of this number; about 60% of the population is illiterate. Thus, the basis of all major problems is illiteracy. 

It is extremely important that females be educated so that they can play a pivotal role in the development of their childrens characters When a female is educated she attains knowledge, gains power that helps in herself development .When she has a family it influences her family life in various ways. This helps the society to improve and develop in all aspects .This gradually leads the country to progress and achieve its goals. When a female is educated she helps educate many generations through her own knowledge and talents. Therefore, literacy and good education can solve many of the problems of developing countries .In all aspects education is an essential factor that helps in bringing about various changes to ourselves as human beings and also to the society. Through education, we can achieve all that we want and can work on saving our precious resources to meet growing demands of the population. 

As mentioned earlier, poverty is one of the major problems that India faces. When speaking about population the first thing that comes to our minds is the slums in India. Today slum dwellers make up for about 60% of Mumbai's population that is about 7 million people. These slums mainly spread into the areas neighboring Byculla, such as: Parel, Mahim Creek, Dadar and Matunga and wherever else they can find space, even on roads. The conditions in the slums are dreadful. Slum inhabitants constantly have to deal with issues such as, lack of water, no sewage or solid waste facilities, constant migration, lack of public transit, poor education, pollution and housing shortages. Infant mortality is very high in rural areas of India where there are no amenities. 

In order to deal with the menace of poverty and illiteracy, many NGOs in India have come up with programs whereby imparting education for slum children. 

These NGOs provide all the students with free education including free study material, free uniform and free occasional medical checkups. Some NGOs are running schools in various city slums with foreign assistance. They are playing a key role in imparting education for slum children but there is always a question about the standard of education in those schools as there is a lack of regular monitoring, education materials and skilled manpower. The Central Government of India is also playing a crucial role in providing education for slum children. It has also announced that a new welfare scheme has been created , which will with immediate effect eliminate and eradicate, all problems of slum children, including poverty, lack of education and health facilities, child labor and abuse. This program is also concentrating on providing education for the slum children, who could make a decent life for themselves in the future.  

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